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Happy First Birthday Lyla

I can't believe my baby is 1. This year flew by and I survived. For some reason I'm very emotional right now, which doesn't happen to me very often. As a nursing mom I have never spent one day away from her. I didn't think I would be this attached. I have watched her grow from this little infant to a baby that interacts with me and says things like "wow" and "hi". Watching her every move just amazes me. From seeing her feed herself the little pieces of food I put on her tray, to pulling herself up on anything she can find, and talking to her stuffed animals in the morning. It all melts my heart. I fell in love the second I met her.

These pictures are really for me to look back on. Starting from the first day she was born.

He's absolutely head over heels in love! Just born. I am in awe here. She's not even 2 hours old.

1 month old

More pictures to come when I have more time. Of course Lyla is eating a Gluten free sugar free banana muffin I made her.


christina said…
She is absolutely adorable!!!!

Happy birthday to lyla! I'm going to take a guess and say you are still nursing and so a Big Congratulations on making it one year it's big milestone for you both. My babes are 4 and almost 2 and I am still awed by there exsistence in my life!
Lauren Brooks said…

Thank you! It's amazing isn't it. You are correct I still am nursing. But I think I am getting close to being done. 8-( With working late nights and being away from her more during the day she has definitely weaned. I guess it had to happen sometime. Thanks again for the wishes.
leslie said…
What a lovely post. Happy birthday to your little girl!
Anonymous said…
OMG! She's adorable, Lauren! I can't believe it's been a year little brother's son is nearly a year old already and he amazes me, too. Happy (late) birthday to Lyla. <3
Lauren Brooks said…

You must love being in Aunt. It is all amazing to see how fast they do grow. To think one more year and they'll be doing almost everything!
Franz Snideman said…
WOW! So cool! You guys are blessed!Lyla has such big beautiful eyes!

Of course we are just starting the parenting adventure and it is amazing!
Lauren Brooks said…

The parenting adventure can definitely be scary at times. Thanks for the compliment. We are very blessed. Every day I tell her I love her.

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