First I want to thank everyone for all their positive thoughts, prayers, phone calls, emails, and so on. I never realized how many people I have around me that would help me out in need. So thank you!

The good news is Ben is out of the hospital and home. He is still in pain but slowly recovering back to his old self. He has been on a liquid diet and will be moving to soft foods shortly. After almost 3 weeks of waiting patiently to get the results of the camera test, we find that the video camera NEVER left his stomach during the test. When I found this out my jaw dropped and could not believe it. Supposedly this happens to 15% of the people. I was angry because it took them 3 weeks to tell us this. He now has to redo the test in a week. This time instead of swallowing the camera they are going to place it passed his stomach so this does not happen again. So hopefully they will find some kind of answer for these horrible episodes. Poor guy has been through way too much!

Tomorrow we leave on a family trip that has been planned for 5 months. So I already scoped out the area to make sure there is a hospital near by. I am looking forward to this trip so I can have some time to relax. I've been running around like a mad woman with way too much stress. So this trip is in dire need for me.

On a positive note I have somehow been able to stick to my clean diet very very well this past month. I am now weighing in around 112 with a body fat of 20% (still high for me because of breastfeeding). I don't want to lose any more weight. This is actually pretty low for me. It's been tough getting the energy for my strength training with all that has been going on. So I may be losing a little bit of fat and muscle right now. Once everything settles down I will get a chance to really focus on packing some muscle back on my body. It has now been 4 months since I have had Lyla. I am very happy with my progress. I think it's safe to say that I feel better about myself now than I did right before I got pregnant. I will get my 4 month picture up real soon. I don't know if I will have internet access where I'm going, since we are staying at a Ranch.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!


Royce said...

Crap, I'm sorry about the stress ya'll are going through. Barb had a difficult pregnancy with our daughter and I feel ya'. there is nothing more stressfull than a family member who is seriously ill.
I hope your hubby is ok and they figure out what's causing the pain. Good luck.

Yoana said...


I hope that you have a great and relaxing time!

Ben is in our prayers.



Franz Snideman said...

Have a great time! God bless both of you!